Kel is a Provisional Psychologist undertaking a Masters in Psychology, with experience in crisis support, group facilitation, and both single and recurring supportive conversations in a broad range of mental health and ill health experiences. She has worked at Lifeline, ADAVIC, 7Cups and University Peer Mentoring. Kel has been with the Medical Workforce Unit since October 2019 and views the Wellbeing Officer role as another tool in the Welfare toolkit for the junior doctor. Having this role within the Medical Workforce Team allows the junior doctor a safe, confidential space to begin a difficult discussion within a familiar unit. You are welcome to make contact to discuss any work related issue or non-work-related issue that may have an impact on your ability to work at full capacity e.g. burnout, work-related stress or performance, personal life events impacting your work and career progression. In conversation with you, Kel will assist with the next steps, and if escalation or further referral is required.
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