Bullying Harassment  Discrimination

We are committed to providing a workplace free from bullying and harassment in any form and have “zero tolerance”.  We expect staff members to behave in a professional manner, live our values through our behaviours and treat each other with dignity and respect.  Northern Health encourages junior doctors to report bullying and harassment promptly, so appropriate measures can be taken.  When reported, cases will be viewed as a serious matter and be investigated in a timely manner.

Workplace bullying

Is the “repeated unreasonable behaviour directed towards an employee, or a group of employees that creates a risk to health and safety” as defined by Worksafe Victoria.  Examples of behaviour that could constitute bullying include:

  • excluding someone from workplace activities or interaction
  • giving someone the majority of unpleasant tasks
  • imposing impossible deadlines
  • verbal abuse
  • humiliating through sarcasm or insults
  • intimidation
  • changing rosters with the intent of inconveniencing a particular staff member.


Is unwelcome physical or verbal conduct.  Harassment in the workplace can take many forms:

  • imitating someone’s accent
  • spreading rumours
  • offensive jokes or innuendo
  • threats or insults
  • name calling
  • the use of language that is not suitable in the workplace
  • pushing, shoving or jostling.

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