Beginning of Term Discussion is mandatory for PGY1s and PGY2s for every term.

Exemptions: PGY2s that have joined a specific training program such as BPT or Psychiatry.  PG3s and above have the option to participate in the AMC framework but are not mandated to do so.

AMC have created a 'Beginning of term discussion' template for Supervisors to guide the discussion with you. Click  to view. The beginning of term discussion is for your professional development. It includes a discussion on learning objectives and any specific learning outcomes you may like to focus on during this term using the Term Description/ROVER/Unit HandbookClick to search your rotation and find the name of your Term Supervisor. If you don't get to meet your Term Supervisor, you can meet with another consultant/Fellow in the unit. Get in touch with MEU if you are having problems locating your Term Supervisor /primary consultant /Fellow.  

The 'Beginning of term discussion' is a mutual obligation between the learner and Supervisor. It is expected that the learner approaches the Supervisor for this discussion and that the Supervisor provides the conditions for the discussion to be completed. The Medical Education Unit (MEU) will remind learners at the beginning of the term to ensure this discussion occurs. The activity does not need to be recorded. 

The beginning of term discussion is different to the a unit orientation which outlines the mechanics of the term such as how the clinical day runs, work expectations and the structure of the unit.  The images below show the differences between a unit orientation and beginning of term discussion.

Please contact the MEU if you have any concerns. It is ok not to know what to do as this is new and we are all learning. Your feedback will help us to finetune the process and is much appreciated.