JMO Forum

All JMOs are invited to meet with members of  the hospital Exec to raise any concerns at the monthly JMO forum. It’s a great opportunity to have your say or just come along to listen. Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:00pm. JMOs have had good experiences raising issues at the forum and some of the issues we have advocated for are listed below. Join via the link

JMSA is here to support junior medical staff members. If you are not currently a member please consider joining so that we can advocate for you.

Please feel free to get in touch with any of our reps and let us know you thoughts, feedback, issues so we can best help you. Email:


Here is what we have been working on in 2023: 


  • Orientation – HMOs & Regs are required to attend and be paid for orientation at the start of the new year. If you did attend and have not been paid for this time please get in contact with medical workforce.


  • Pay Scale Up – with new contracts starting on 7th Feb comes a change in pay scale for your new role. There were reported issues with doctors not being paid at the updated pay scale. There has been a delay in processing this and should have been fixed in this fortnight’s pay. If your pay scale is not updated this fortnight and you did not get the correct back pay please get in contact with medical workforce.


  • Payrise JMOs received pay rise in line with the EBA from Sep 1st. If pay rise does not appear on your payslip contact medical workforce.



  • IMG Exam –  IMG reps have created study groups to support each other with preparation for the AMC clinical exam. Get in touch with the Senior Medical Registrar.


  • IMG Payscaling – there have been concerns raised about not being paid at the correct updated Pay Scale. Your Pay Scale can be found on your payslip and cross-checked with your contract and EBA pay scale for your role. Notify medical workforce if any issues. IMGs can get in touch with the JMSA IMG reps via the IMG Peer Support WhatsappChat.


  • Ressies Etiquette- a reminder that ressies is a shared space. Please do your bit to keep it tidy and comfortable for everyone.


  • BH Doctors’ Room – underwent a major clean out and makeover. JMSA purchased a new couch, recliner, decorative plants and wall art. A big thank you to the JMSA reps that volunteered time and efforts as well as Christine from Cleaning and Shaun from Engineering for making it happen on the day. We hope you enjoy the newly improved space!


  • Safe Rosters – we have been advocating strongly for safer, fairer and sustainable rostering practices for our members especially around excessive shift lengths, 7on/7off and day-night patterns. We are  taking your feedback regarding safe rostering practices seriously. Please get in touch with JMSA for any issues or suggestions.


  • Roster Review – Units with excess rostered and unrostered overtime are being reviewed. A very important reason to submit your overtime accurately! The aim is to increase the number of JMO positions and decrease reliance on locums.


  • 14 hour shifts – JMSA continues to advocate for an end to 14 hours shifts and a maximum shift length of 12.5 hours. Watch this space!


  • Claiming OT for Training – JMSA encourage everyone to claim OT for any clinical or non clinical work (eg. mandatory training, teaching time)  beyond rostered working hours! Let JMSA know if any concerns or barriers to claiming OT!