Medical professionals need quality clinical supervision to deliver excellent patient care. At every stage of their careers, doctors either receive or provide clinical supervision.

AMEE Guide No. 27: Effective educational and clinical supervision 

The Medical Superguide PDF, 4586.67 KB outlines the following key aspects of Supervision:

  • Supervision is part of good medical practice
  • Patient safety comes first
  • Supervision can be delegated but never abdicated
  • Supervision is active
  • Objectives of clinical supervision:
    • Safe and quality patient care and treatment
    • Supervisee learning
    • Supervisee and supervisor development
    • Clinical team building
    • Supervisee welfare

Useful templates to support your clinical supervision sessions:

HETI has resources available for hospital managers such as DPETs and other administrative staff who are responsible for the education and training of Junior Doctors in their hospital. In the first instance please refer to the HETI Publications page, in particular the following resources may be useful: