Useful links and resources

Bob LogicShortcut for typing out pathology for daily lists. Useful for interns and residents.
Copy and paste CPF pathology output into table to receive pathology shorthand.
Supports – FBE, UEC, CMP, LFT, CRP, Coags, Lipase, ABG and VBG
RCPCFSimilar to above with additions:
Trend over time – helpful for monitoring Hb changes, infections, electrolyte disturbances and kidney injury.
Tick appropriate box to see trends over dates <2 days apart
Snapshot – most recent results, grouped by test type
Feedback – provides option to critique and offer suggestions
Supports – FBE, UEC, CMP, LFT, CRP, Troponin
Victorian Medical Benevolent AssociationThe Victorian Medical Benevolent Association (VMBA) provides short term financial support in a time of crisis/need to medical practitioners, their immediate family and medical students in their final year who reside and/or practice in Victoria . Requests for assistance can be made by:
direct contact with the Association; family member, a medical colleague, the Victorian Doctor Health Program (VDHP) and/or AMA Board.
Northern Health Junior Doctor HandbookA large pdf containing instructions on how to operate many of Northern Health’s various IT services and workflows. Available in the password-protected rover section