Urology Surgery

Urology Surgery

Urology surgical term ward-based management of patients. Admissions, discharges and daily ward round documentation. Attend clinics and theatre where possible. Participation in regular audits and clinical meetings. Procedural skills such as catheterisation, SPC insertion and IV access. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team with pharmacy, nursing, physio and occupational therapists and urology clinical nurses.  

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Owen Niall
Term Supervisor
Owen Niall
Supervisor Email
Available To
Intern, HMO2
PGY1 Clinical Experience
C. Acute and Critical Illness, D. Peri-operative / Procedural
Minimum IMG Level
Level 2 Supervision

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PGY1 Term Description
PGY1 TD Last Update
February 2, 2024
Unit Handbook Last Update
January 1, 2022