Surgery Cover Days

Surgery Cover Days

Surgery Cover term, allocated to specific cover roles
There are 3 weekday roles
1. Spec Surg PM HMO (Paeds surg, Thoracics, ENT)
2. OrthoPlastics HMO
3. Gen Surg Units 1-4 Intern

There are 4 weekend HMO Roles
1. Spec Surg Weekend HMO (Paeds surg, Thoracics, Urology, ENT), after 17:00 Vascular ward cover 

2. OrthoPlastics HMO 

3. Gen Surg 1-2 Intern 

4. Gen Surg 3-4 HMO 

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Term Supervisor
Sarah Condron
Supervisor Email
Number of HMO2/2+ positions
PGY2 Clinical Experience
A. Undifferentiated Illness, C. Acute and Critical Illness
Minimum IMG Level
Level 3 Supervision

Term Description - Unit Handbook - ROVERs

PGY2+ TD Last Update
December 1, 2023