Respiratory medicine term involving the care acute and chronic care of respiratory conditions, including patients that need high acuity respiratory therapies- CPAP, NIC, High flow oxygen therapy. Attendance at word rounds, documentation, admissions of patients to the wards, discharges, attendance at clinics and participation in quality and safety program- weekly and CUSP0 comprehensive unit safety program. Experience in pleural procedures and arterial blood gases.  

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Katharine See
Term Supervisor
Liam Hannan
Supervisor Email
Available To
Number of HMO2/2+ positions
PGY2 Clinical Experience
B. Chronic Illness, C. Acute and Critical Illness
Minimum IMG Level
Level 2 Supervision

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Unit Handbook Last Update
August 1, 2023
ROVER Last Updated
April 1, 2023