General Medicine – Specialty Night Cover

General Medicine – Specialty Night Cover

Cover term for acute medical wards at Northern Hospital. The night roster is week on week off starting on Thursdays. Terms are not 10 weeks as they are mixed with annual leave and other relief. Most terms are half terms of nights. There are three HMO’s Downstairs, Tower 1 and Tower 2 HMO’s.  
Each have allocated wards to cover as well as assisting with some specialty medical admissions for their areas. 
Downstairs: ward 3 + 4+ 5, renal, haem + onc admissions 
Tower 1: wards 20 + 21, med cover,  resp, stroke, neuro cover and admissions 
Tower 2: ward 22 + gastro and medical outlier cover in wards 13 + 16 + 18 + 19 
However, they are able to assist each other to share workload and are supported by the night perioperative medical registrar. Provide assessment of patients on the ward who require medical review as well as to complete new admissions for medical specialty patients in their allocated wards with support from the on-call specialty registrar/ consultant. Assess and manage deteriorating patients with support of the perioperative medical registrar, ICU registrar and ICU liaison nurse.  Attend the nightly take-2-at-2 meeting with whole hospital team (chaired by overnight ICU registrar) to ensure unwell patients are escalated and workload is balanced.

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Yana Sunderland
Term Supervisor
Yana Sunderland
Supervisor Email
Available To
Number of HMO2/2+ positions
PGY2 Clinical Experience
A. Undifferentiated Illness, C. Acute and Critical Illness
Minimum IMG Level
Level 3 Supervision

Term Description - Unit Handbook - ROVERs

Unit Handbook Last Update
June 1, 2024
ROVER Last Updated
July 1, 2021