General Medicine – Night Cover (BHS)

General Medicine – Night Cover (BHS)

Complete admissions for new patients overnight, including review and admission documentation. Provide care to all inpatient overnight. Includes follow up, assessment and management of acute issues and investigations.  Communication with medical, rehabilitation, surgical and geriatrics teams. Participate in handover at the beginning and end of the shift. Communicate with consultants on call, ICU, emergency department and specialist unit to manage deteriorating and critical patients overnight, including arranging transfer to Northern Hospital Epping if required.  

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Michael Farber
Term Supervisor
Michael Farber
Supervisor Email
Available To
Number of HMO2/2+ positions
PGY2 Clinical Experience
B. Chronic Illness, C. Acute and Critical Illness
Minimum IMG Level
Level 3 Supervision

Term Description - Unit Handbook - ROVERs

Unit Handbook Last Update
January 1, 2024
ROVER Last Updated
February 1, 2022