Aged Care OrthoGeriatrics

Aged Care OrthoGeriatrics

Acute geriatric medicine term under the supervision of the geriatric medicine advance trainee and liaising closely with the orthopaedic surgical team to ensure eligible patients have their medical conditions optimised prior to orthopaedic surgery, receive appropriate post-operative medical care and access appropriate rehabilitation post the acute phase of care. Management of patient on the ward in liaison with the orthopaedic team and attendance at orthopaedic handover daily. 

Unit Information

Head of Unit
Sandra Brown
Term Supervisor
Sandra Brown
Supervisor Email
Available To
PGY2 Clinical Experience
B. Chronic Illness, C. Acute and Critical Illness
Minimum IMG Level
Level 1 Supervision

Term Description - Unit Handbook - ROVERs

Unit Handbook Last Update
July 1, 2022
ROVER Last Updated
May 1, 2021