Application for 2023 BPT positions are now open

From 2020, Northern Health will begin a process to train BPTs independently. Up until now our BPT cohort have been employed in a shared arrangement across all the sites that encompass the Central North West BPT Consortium- that is Austin Health, Bendigo Health, Northern Health, Wimmera Health and Echuca. Whilst there were definite benefits to this, the number of trainees has become too large to adequately provide supervision and support across the multiple sites. And so, from 2020 Northern Health will begin a graded process of separating recruitment to our physician training positions from Austin Health.

Why do Physician Training through Northern?

  1. Excellent Education and Training program.
    • Northern Health is part of The Central North West(CNW) Consortium for physician training which encompasses Northern Health, Austin Health, Bendigo Health, Wimmera Health and Echuca Hospital
    • Outstanding physician exam results. In 2019 90% of our first time written exam sitters passed the exam. Clinical exam pass rates have consistently been above state average as well.
    • A wide variety of rotations available (see below)
    • Education program-
      1. BPT1- weekly HMO education program at all three main sites at Northern. Unit-specific education sessions. On top of this, a large number of workshops (many after hours) available to all HMOs including procedural skills stations (LP/ ascitic taps/ intubation); communication skills; deteriorating patient Sims; and more!
      2. BPT2/3- the physician training really ramps up in BPT2 and 3! This program is completely shared with Austin Health.
      3. Written exam preparation: You will be supported in joining a study group to help in the written exam preparation, which normally commences one year out from this exam.
        1. RACP learning series, weekly
        2. Weekly tutorials run from September- January
        3. Mock multiple choice exam run in January
        4. External exam preparatory courses such as DeltaMed- this will be rostered to ensure that all trainees are given leave to attend one of these courses.
      4. Clinical exam preparation: Shared program across Austin/ Northern/Bendigo (Austin trainees and Northern trainees will be expected and encouraged to attend tutorials at all sites through a centralised online booking system)
        1. Strategic Saturday clinical exam preparatory day (at Northern)
        2. Multiple short and long case tutorials at Austin, Bendigo and Northern.
        3. Multiple ‘short-case specialty days’ at both Northern and Austin such as cardiology, respiratory, neurology and rheumatology. Patients with clinical signs come in for a half day of guided short cases with Consultant specialists in one field.
        4. Twice weekly clinical exam preparation ‘pearls’ tutorials (at Northern)
        5. Mock exams- 5 mock exams held across Austin, Northern and Bendigo to ensure maximal exposure to an exam-like environment. We aim to give all first time sitters who have completed their training through CNW consortium two mock exam experiences.
      5. The shared education program between Austin and Northern is a particular strength of the CNW consortium- there is enormous value in being exposed to different hospitals, different approaches and different patient cohorts
  2. Dynamic, keen Consultant group
    • We have a young dynamic group of consultants at Northern Health, who have a focus on education and support. Most drink coffee. All buy you coffee.
  3. Wonderful patients and community
    • Northern Health serves a very diverse community, with more than 185 countries of birth, over 106 different languages and over 90 different religions and beliefs.
    • Working at Northern is a privileged position of seeing the interface of medicine with a variety of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.
    • Also a great opportunity to learn a few new languages!
  4. Future Careers.
    • Northern Health is growing rapidly. We already have the busiest Emergency Department in Victoria, with the growth in the population of Melbourne’s North among the highest in the state as well.
    • The Victorian Government is investing in Northern Hospital- with a 167million dollar grant.
    • A New Tower on site at Northern Hospital is due to open in 2021, with over 90 new acute beds.
    • Whilst you may not be thinking about it now, the potential for career progression through to consultant positions is a definite advantage of training at Northern Health, which is continually growing.
  5. Support and holistic approach to you development
    • At Northern Health, we have a tradition of support towards all of our staff. We know that doctoring has its high moments, but also has its really challenging ones, especially when we combine that with a training program.
    • We take your wellbeing seriously, and as such function on a truly open door policy so that we can problem solve and support you in any way we can. Training and the physician exams are important, but it is not everything- wellbeing comes first.


What Rotations are available to Northern BPT Trainees?

Northern Hospital Based:

Cardiology; Endocrinology, Gastroenterology; Infectious Diseases, Haematology; Neurology; Renal, Respiratory; Rheumatology, Observation Assessment Unit/ Admitting Medical Team/ Specialty cover; Oncology; Palliative Care (based at Epping Gardens Aged Care Facility, 3 minute drive from Northern Hospital) General Medical registrar, Hospital in the Home registrar, Perioperative and MET call registrar, among others!

Bundoora Campus:

Aged care- GEM (Geriatric Evaluation and Management) Unit (HMO and Reg positions); Aged Care secure GEM Dementia Care Unit

Broadmeadows Campus:

Acute General Medicine (HMO and Reg positions); Acute Aged Care; Aged care- GEM Unit


Day Procedure Unit/ Specialty Clinics

Regional Rotations:

Echuca Health; Wimmera Health Care (Horsham hospital) offer great general medical rotational experience.

Information about registering for Basic Physician Training can be sourced from the College of Physicians – select Trainees