PMCV Accreditation Survey Visit Results  

The Accreditation Committee of the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) approved the report and recommendations of the PMCV Survey Team visit on 7-9th June 2022 and reaccredited

the intern and PGY2 training programs for four years (till 2026). Click to read the Final report.


Summary of Outcomes

Of the 58 standards, 98%  were met or met with merit  for interns

Of the 55 standards, 96% were met or met with merit for PGY2s


There were no conditions outstanding from 2017 visit and no new conditions in 2022.

There were no recommendations outstanding from 2017 and two new recommendations identified in 2022:

1 Standard 1.2.2 Notification to PMCV of any changes to Intern or PGY2 posts NH to ensure PMCV are notified of any projected changes to the intern or PGY2 posts via the online application form on the PMCV website.
2 Standard 7.2.2 Timely notification of JMO roster changes A review of the roster notification process is recommended, with a view to provide more timely communication of changes.
Having medical workforce on-call out of office hours, ideally inclusive of the period where shift changeover occurs, would support the workload pressures and management within units.



• Excellent workplace culture & commitment to junior doctor training and welfare. Evidence of fulfilling their stated culture of striving and improving – “Safe, Kind and Together”

• Clear governance structures in place to support prevocational education and training
• Communication strategy with Junior Doctors
• Providing an environment where JMOs feel safe and supported to speak up and escalate any concerns
• Effective working relationships between the Medical Education team, Medical Workforce and Medical Administration
• Robust Registrar /Senior Medical Staff supervision, support, and engagement – there is evidence the health service values JMS education
• Strong commitment to education and training demonstrated by the excellent attendance at the survey meetings from all staff but especially interns and PGY2s
• High levels of engagement from the Junior Medical Staff Advisory Forum (JMSA)



• Workload issues in the general medical Observation and Assessment Unit (OAU) and the need for clarity on roles, duties and how the service model is structured.
• Vascular Surgery – workload
• Surgical units – rostered hours do not always match expected duties – e.g., early starting times.
• Colorectal surgery – out of hours cover by interns – covering 4 units resulting in very high workload
• Lacking timely notification of JMO staffing, with last minute changes on rosters and daily allocations leaving staff unclear where they and their coworkers would be working from day to day.