General Practice Training

Meet Dr Rachel Melhem

“Hey everyone – I’m Rachel, a previous Northern HMO and current GP registrar / TNH GP rep. This year JMSA has created a new space for doctors interested in applying to the GP training program. Join our WhatsApp group (see QR code) and keep an eye on this page to stay in the loop for workshops about the entrance exam, interviews and applying for GP practices, and feel free to ask any GP related question! You can also reach out to me at"

Are you thinking of a career in General Practice? Scan the QR code and join Northern Health’s GP Support / Training Enquiries Group. Also, scroll to the end of the page for information about events that will be running this year.

Please see below very important information regarding GP Applications 2023.

AGPT Important Dates

10am AEDT Monday 21 March Applications open
11:59pm AEST Tuesday 19 April Applications close
Tuesday 24 May First intake eligibility finalisation
Tuesday 14 June – Thursday 16 June CAAKT
Thursday 7 July - Tuesday 12 July Applicant preference change period
Thursday 14 July RTOs and applicants advised of interview allocations
Friday 15 July – Friday 22 July RTOs schedule first intake interviews with applicants
Saturday 23 July – Sunday 7 August First intake interviews
Monday 8 August – Thursday 18 August First intake offer management by RTOs
Friday 19 August First intake offers finalised

There are a number of webinars to watch and attend.

    RACGP Hosted Webinars  
Thursday 10th March 2022 6 pm AEDT Application and selection process Watch Recording
Monday 21st March 2022 9 pm AEDT Application and selection process Watch Recording
Tuesday 29th March 2022 6 pm AEDT Application and selection process with RTOs Watch Recording
Wednesday 30th March 2022 7 pm AEDT FARGP & RG with the RACGP Watch Recording
Tuesday 5th April 2022 12 pm AEST Application and selection process Watch Recording
Thursday 2nd June 2022 6 pm AEST CAAKT Register Here

Visit the RACGP website for more information.


It is important to note that GP training under RACGP is currently undergoing a transition from RTO-led training (Eastern Victoria, Murray City Country Coast) to college-led training (RACGP). Whilst EV and MCCC won’t be present from 2023, their resources are still useful and up-to-date.


Digital Resources for Doctors interested in GP – EV and MCCC

  • EV and MCCC Applicant Guides – We strongly encourage you to read the EV Applicant Guideand MCCC Program Guide which outlines the process.
  • EV YouTube Channel – More information can be found through our videos including “Why choose GP?” and other informational videos. Watch videos on MCCC YouTube Channel here
  • Social Media – Follow FacebookTwitter LinkedIn for news and updates or Instagram – search for Eastern Victoria GP Training and MCCC GP Training


Important Dates to remember

  1. Applications for entry next year open on Monday, 21 March, 2022 and close on Tuesday, 19 April, 2022.
  2. To check eligibility and the selection process for each College, doctors can visit the ACRRM website or the RACGP website.
  3. For hospital requirements, visit the“Contact Us” page and complete an enquiry form 1, for advice and hospital experience.


TNH GP Events 2022

CAAKT session – early May Format TBC
RACGP interview session – early July Format TBC
GP practice interview session – after August TBC