• Completion of End of Term assessment & Mid Term Feedback forms is mandatory for interns and HMOs for every term.
    • N.B. End of Term Assessment & Mid Term Feedback forms are the same form - click the box on the form to indicate which one you are completing
  • Contact your term supervisor 2-3 weeks prior to the end of term to arrange a time to meet to complete your end of term assessment. The Term Supervisors list can be accessed here. If  your Term Supervisor is not on this list email.
  • Forms are editable pdfs - encourage your supervisor to complete it digitally.
  • Ensure you and your supervisor sign the form. 
  • Email the digitally completed form to the medical education unit: 
  • Completed paper forms need to be scanned as a PDF and emailed to the medical education unit by using the 'scan to email' function on all the hospital printer units.
  • Keep a copy of your completed end of term assessment forms for your own records. These may be required as evidence for specialist college applications. 

EPA Assessments

  • Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA)s describe essential work undertaken by PGY1 and PGY2 doctors. They are anchored to the prevocational outcome statements and help align PGY1 and PGY2 doctors’ roles with both training
    activities, and assessment and achievement of prevocational outcomes.
  • Assessment of EPAs provides structured opportunities for observation, feedback and learning, and informs
    global judgements at the end of terms and the end of each prevocational year.
  • An EPA is a description of essential work. This contrasts with outcomes or capabilities, which describe characteristics of a prevocational doctor.
  • An EPA is not an assessment tool, but performance of an EPA can be assessed. Assessment of EPAs include judgements about entrustability, i.e. the level of supervision required for the doctor to perform this work safely.
  • In your assessment, your Supervisor makes a judgement about how safely you can perform this activity - your level of entrustability.
  • For information on why EPAs are useful for junior doctors click.
  • An EPA Observed Practice will commence in 2024 with interns. More information to follow.


  • IMGs note that the end of term assessment forms are separate to WRIG forms. 
  • End of term assessment forms are required to be completed by your Term Supervisor/Head of Unit.
    The WRIG forms are required to be completed by your IMG Principal Supervisor. 
  • Provide the completed end of term assessment forms to your IMG Principal Supervisor as evidence of your progress to support the completion of WRIG forms. 
  • Visit the IMG resources tab to download the WRIG 30